Sharing: Autscriptic

You know that validation thing I talked about in my last post? This, from the autnot blog, was a really pivotal post for me. I’d already been considering that I might be autistic, and by this point my GP had agreed to my request for a referral to the local adult autism service, but reading this crystallised my conviction that following this path was the right one.

Autism and Expectations

You don’t look autistic.

Yes I do.

You don’t act autistic though.

Yes I do.

Yeah, but you’re not like “properly” autistic.

Yes I am.

You can make eye contact.

Yes I can.

You don’t flap all the time.

I do at birds.

You flap at birds?

I flap at birds.

Why do you flap at birds?

It would be rude not to wave at them when they wave at me.

That’s a bit weird.

Is it?

But you don’t do all that proper stimming and stuff, do you? Or do you?

Every day. Most moments of every day. See this?

Looks like a tiny bead mat.

Yup. I made it, I made lots of them, for when I lose them. I get distracted easily.

Can I have a go?

Go for it.

It feels nice.

It feels essential.

Why do you do it?

I’m an addict.

But it’s not…

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3 thoughts on “Sharing: Autscriptic

  1. I have a fear of touching animals, yet I can and have done it expressionless, but on the inside I am anything but the calm I am outwardly displaying. It’s the same when I am stressed, you’d never really know it because I internalise it. Is this similar to what this person is saying about the cockroaches? Choosing not to react to the emotion felt i.e. Fear? 🤔


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