Sharing: Curing Autism

“It’s time to accept what is, and work on making the world a better place. The time has come.”

I can’t begin to express how important, and true, the messages are in this post. In a world where my daughter and I face a year – or longer – of waiting for diagnosis, then the prospect of very little post-diagnosis support, and where, in other countries, the ability to get assessed is based on the ability to pay, something needs to change. We are here. We are valid, and we need support to be, as Rhi puts it, “the happiest versions of ourselves.” The funding needs a refocus.

Autism and Expectations

Can we talk about a cure?

There’s a real problem when it comes to Autism, and it’s not to be found in us autistics. It’s to be found in the focus of funding.

Time and time again I see people struggling to get diagnosed, and then struggling when there is so little real support post-diagnosis.

The vast majority of funding appears to be spent on finding a cause for Autism, and studying what it really means neurologically.

I’m not saying those things shouldn’t be funded, but that leaves a tiny percent left for actually supporting people.

I’ve recently seen a disturbing comment by a parent of an autistic child, berating an autistic adult for calling themselves autistic, “You wouldn’t call a child with cancer a cancer child!” is the argument.

I wonder if they know how hurtful and offensive that is? I wonder if they realise that they’re comparing a…

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