Another like me?

This blog isn't an "autism parent" blog. I use this site as a place for my own catharsis, and for information- and experience-sharing. Nevertheless, I am a parent, and that part of who I am will, at times, feed into what I think and feel, and, thus, what I write about. I am also an … Continue reading Another like me?


Sharing: To those with autism who think autism is ONLY a way of thinking differently-you DO NOT speak for me

Such important words. As much as autistic people are experts on autism (and we are!), every autistic person – myself included – should remember that each one of us can only ever speak for ourselves as individuals. Every person's experience is different...and equally valid.

Sharing: Got an #ActuallyAutistic story to tell? Something to share?

Writing is so helpful for me – both in allowing me to unload my thoughts, and in, hopefully, providing a platform for me to share my experiences and (maybe) educate others. If you’re autistic, and you have things to say but don’t run a blog, Under Your Radar is providing a valuable platform here.

Aspie Under Your Radar

colored pencils with different colored lines drawn on a white board We all have a story to tell

If you’ve got something to share about your autistic life, but you don’t have a blog – and don’t want to be bothered with it – send to me in the comments below as a guest post.

I’m not doing much writing this month (it’s my Silent September in honor of my non-verbal self).

So, if you’d like to fill in the blanks here, please comment below, and I’ll edit your piece & post it here (provided it fits, and it’s written by an ActuallyAutistic individual – self-diagnosed or self-identifying is fine with me — just no overt hate, bias, etc allowed – just … no).


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Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #2: eye to eye?

It was only very recently that it occurred to me: I rarely look people directly in the eyes. Coming from a 36-year-old autistic person, that probably sounds preposterous. Autistic people are known for not making eye contact, aren't we? And surely I'd have noticed such a major behavioural trait in myself? I mean, yes, my … Continue reading Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #2: eye to eye?

A Letter to the Parent or Carer of an Undiagnosed Autistic Girl

[Trigger warning: mental illness] Dear Parent/Carer, I'm writing to you in my capacity both as the parent of a little girl awaiting assessment for autism, and as an adult autistic woman, and one who has spent most of her life, until the age of 36, undiagnosed. I know you've been wondering about your girl. Perhaps … Continue reading A Letter to the Parent or Carer of an Undiagnosed Autistic Girl