Things I have learnt in 2016

I've never been the kind of person to go on for the endofyearroundupsocialmediastatusupdate thing. But this year has been different, and besides, I'm blogging now. Just over five months ago, I received my formal autism diagnosis. But it feels as if this whole year has been about autism – my own, and that of my … Continue reading Things I have learnt in 2016


Information and resources page revamp

A quick update: I've had a go at reorganising, categorising and systematising the additional resources on this site, with the hope that I'm therefore able to reach, inform, and help more people out there who might need this. I like to respond to individual messages (and these days I get quite a few, which I'm … Continue reading Information and resources page revamp

Sharing: Dear employers ~ How to work with employees “with” Asperger’s / #autism ~ Part 5: You hired an Aspie/autist! Now what?

I haven’t reblogged anything for a while, but this piece is very, very valuable and pertinent. For me, the bits about interrruptions, task-switching and needing advance notice of changes to plans are ESPECIALLY important. For those people I work with who read my blog, this explains a lot!

the silent wave

My partner suggested I write a follow-up post that explains what an employee on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum might “look like” once they’re (we’re) on board and working for you.  I decided to take his suggestion to heart; after all, his partner (me) is an Aspie, and so was his best friend.  Both his best friend and I have had challenges with employers that were largely unnecessary, simply because we were undiagnosed and didn’t know how to explain the differences between us and the “rest of the world”.

So here you have it–a “bonus” post 🙂

As with the other posts in this series, I’m speaking directly to anyone who is a non-autistic/neurotypical owner, manager, supervisor, Human Resources professional, career placement services specialist, or anyone who works at a job placement entity of any kind.

So…you hired an Aspie/autistic person!  First of all, awesome!  Maybe you looked specifically for someone who…

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