Information and resources page revamp

A quick update: I’ve had a go at reorganising, categorising and systematising the additional resources on this site, with the hope that I’m therefore able to reach, inform, and help more people out there who might need this.

I like to respond to individual messages (and these days I get quite a few, which I’m happy to receive!), but at the same time I’m a very tired and busy full-time employee, and parent of small children, on top of experiencing all the overloading that comes with my particular neurological profile, and so I have very little spare time and energy!

At times I need to look after myself, so providing a permanent place for useful information and resources allows me to provide signposts for times when I can’t tailor lengthy replies to personal messages.

The ‘information and resources’ page has now been divided into an introductory page, a page of links to sources of basic general information, and a specific space for links to resources by and from #ActuallyAutistic people.

Also added is a new section on the specifics (from my perspective) of getting assessed.

I hope people find this useful! I’ll keep adding stuff as and when I get the opportunity.


10 thoughts on “Information and resources page revamp

    1. Definitely want to link to loads more blogs. I’m still relatively new to all of this, and working full time and having small children means little time to check out others’ writing. There are plenty of others that I follow that I also need to add…

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      1. Hi Mama Pineapple,

        Thanks for the link and the kind words on your “Resources by #ActuallyAutistic people” page.

        Please confirm that you consent to how your blog is listed on or let us know if you want the listing changed (if so, how).

        Thank you.

        Judy (An Autism Observer)

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      2. Thanks, Judy! Happy for the blog to be listed! ☺️ Just one thing, though: I’m listed as a “professor”. Technically in US terms that would be correct as I teach at a university, but in the UK the term means something a lot more specific – I’m not of sufficient seniority to have this title, and teaching is not the only part of my professional role. My correct title is Educational Developer, but “educator” is probably the most appropriate term in this context.

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  1. I love how you’ve categorized this! Excellent choices, too 😊

    And, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award – (*if/when* you have the time) ❤️

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    1. Thank you! This is still VERY much a work in progress. It gives me a chance to get my Information Management geek on, but there’s still LOADS more I want to do in terms of resource provision and signposting in the longer term…

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      1. I’m not sure about the “mystery” part 😊 But the main idea is pretty cool! I just followed the list of rules and I really had a lot of fun! ❤️😘❤️


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