‘We are all creative’ – Anna Nibbs’ 2018 Conference Speech

Well…so this is embarrassing.

I haven’t written a new blog post on my own site in a very long time. I’ve just come out of the other side of an extremely challenging period in my life, so writing hasn’t been a priority (although I have been involved in quite a bit of autism-related activity!)

Anyway, things are easier now. And what better way to ease myself back into the blogging habit than by sharing something of mine from another site! 😃


Mama Pineapple 💋

DIALOGICA - Creators of Autism Dialogue

PDF version with slides here.

Keynote speech delivered by Anna Nibbs SFHEA at the first annual Autism Dialogue Conference, held in Sheffield on 14 December 2018

Hello everyone! I’m Anna. I’m a learning and teaching specialist and an autistic person, with a huge interest in enterprise and creativity.

Today I’ll be speaking about how different perceptions of the world influence how, and what, we create, and exploring creativity and performance in communication, especially autistic communication. I’ll also reflect on how this connects with my Autism Dialogue experience.

This talk occupies a slightly awkward space between the personal and professional – I was asked to present partly because of my professional experience, but I’ve actually booked a day’s holiday from my main job to be here! So I’m not entirely sure which role to perform.

But, navigating my way through awkward ‘between-spaces’, and feeling somewhat ill-defined, is a fairly common…

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