I’m a forty-ish, rambling, hyperlexic, agender/female autistic person. I’m an education developer and teacher (higher education) by trade, married, and my husband and I have two wonderful autistic children. He’s the main caregiver; I’m the breadwinner. I have a liking for art, music, the outdoors, being active, and corvids.

I was formally identified as autistic aged 36, in July 2016, and confirmed with ADHD (combined inattentive/hyperactive-impulsive type) in July 2018. I am multiply disabled, with a number of other mental and physical health conditions. I am something of a mutant, and this is fine by me.

Why “Misadventures”?

I realise that the word has rather morbid connotations in its pure legal sense; its other definition, however, pertains to mishaps, mistakes, accidents, and so on. Because of who I am, and certain facets of my identity, I’ve experienced many of these throughout my life, and still do.

Why “Mama Pineapple”?

One of my main nicknames in the ‘real world’ is Lady Pineapple. A quick Google of this moniker, however, brings up some pretty dubious results of a, ahem, ‘sexy’ nature. Given my somewhat grey-asexuality, this makes me feel awkward. So – swearwords aside (dropping F-bombs can be pretty cathartic) – I aim to keep this pretty clean.

Besides this, motherhood was what led me to seek out a formal autism diagnosis – helping me to explain a lifetime of confusion, sensory overload, obsessions, and struggles, and learn to love myself for who I am a little more. Identifying as a mother comes far more easily to me than identifying as female, although I’m fortunate not to experience any particular discomfort about presenting and being read as such.

Plus, I like alliteration. I have a passion for words and language.

I like identity-first language. You’ll notice I refer to myself as autistic, rather than a “person with autism”. This is deliberate, and is fully thought-out. More information about that here.