Information and Resources

As well as using my blog as an outlet for my own thoughts and feelings (and by golly gosh does it help – I’d firmly recommend it to anyone who themselves enjoys writing), I’m keen to spread an educational word to as many people as possible about autism.

It’s often suggested, by those who are part of an underprivileged group, that those in the privileged majority should take responsibility to educate themselves. This may be true, but I know that many readers are busy people with a lot going on in their lives; I know I struggle at times with trying to inform myself about the experienced of people from other marginalised groups.

Besides, there’s a hell of a lot of misinformation out there about autism, as well as information that, whilst truthful in part, ignores the autistic voice itself.

So I thought it might be useful to start to compile some resources that people might find helpful. I’m aware of some folks who are looking into their own possible autism assessments; others might be thinking of their children, or family members. Plus, other readers and followers might be interested in some more factual accounts of autism, what it means, and what it’s like.

So what’s here?

Visit the links below, or access from the site menu:

The more we know, the more we understand, and the more we can accept.

Plus, if you’re better informed, you’re in a better position to challenge others’ perceptions and prejudices.