General information

This page is a short list of very basic stuff you might want to use as a starting point.

Once you’ve had a look here, I’d recommend pouring your energy into looking at the links to information and resources made by autistic people themselves.

  • Firstly, a great little comic strip which explains the spectrum really well – I feel like this is something everyone should look at.
  • The National Autistic Society is a factual, UK-based charity – its website includes resources on assessment and diagnosis procedures, and signs of autism. It’s not always written from an autistic point-of-view, but it’s a starting point, and the charity increasingly does engage with autistics themselves in terms of input – I would, however recommend looking at some of my recommended #ActuallyAutistic resources.
  • Definitions of some commonly-used terms by writer Cynthia Kim
  • Tendril Theory – a very accessible explanation of executive function, concentration and attention issues in people with autism, ADHD, etc, and why we struggle with task-switching

I used to link to The Mighty, and indeed, in my earlier, more naïve days of blogging I did in fact write a handful of posts for it. However, I no longer engage with this company or website. It is not an ally of autistic people. My explanation for why this is would be fairly long and I don’t have time here, but Laina Eartharcher of The Silent Wave lays it out very well in this post.