Give in to the stim.

I've had a lifelong relationship with stimming. And for so much of my life, I've tried to stop. Why did I do that to myself? I'm such a stimmy autistic. I'm more noticeably stimmy than many autistics I know - to the extent that other autistics comment on just how stimmy I am. I think … Continue reading Give in to the stim.


On meltdowns

The other day, someone on Twitter - an autistic person who doesn't experience them - asked me what it feels like to have a meltdown. It’s not a subject I especially like talking about - I’ve attempted to write about it several times on this blog, got frustrated, and given up. This past week, I … Continue reading On meltdowns

Sweet abandon

Three silhouette figures, one adult and two children, dancing, surrounded by swirling colours and musical notation.

I'm glad that my daughter and I have resurrected our living room discos. When I was pregnant with her brother, we stopped. And for a long while afterwards we didn't do it. But over the past few months, even as my mood has gradually darkened, we've been dancing again. And tonight, I dance with sweet abandon. The physicality is all. My very being craves it. And afterward, I feel replenished, nourished, and full of love.

Information, social communication, and empathy – let’s look at a little closer…

Celiling tile with many perforations of different sizes, plus part of a swirling-shaped ventilation unit. Big problem for me visually.

[Edit: at the time when I wrote this post, I mistakenly thought of myself as an extrovert. I was incorrect in this assessment of myself – as I explain here. This is a big, long, journey of self-discovery, readers! However, in all other respects, the words I present below are as true as they ever … Continue reading Information, social communication, and empathy – let’s look at a little closer…