Modern lighting is rubbish.

Nothing makes me a more committed proponent of the Social Model of Disability than modern lighting. I am far more disabled, as an autistic person, than I once was. I'm far less tolerant of sensory triggers than I once was. Noise and bright lights are the things that get me more than anything, and more … Continue reading Modern lighting is rubbish.


And just like that, I’m official.

Computer monitor stand, with a selection of coiled up Tangle toys (black, silver, rainbow and multicoloured textured), a stress ball, and a pair of sunglasses. Next to the stand is a miniature glitter lava lamp, glowing green.

Earlier this week, I had a missed call on my mobile from a private number. This washed waves of anxiety over me. I'd asked my local NHS adult autism service to put me on the callback list in the event of any appointment cancellations - a year's wait from the date of referral for assessment (the … Continue reading And just like that, I’m official.