Sweet abandon

Three silhouette figures, one adult and two children, dancing, surrounded by swirling colours and musical notation.

I'm glad that my daughter and I have resurrected our living room discos. When I was pregnant with her brother, we stopped. And for a long while afterwards we didn't do it. But over the past few months, even as my mood has gradually darkened, we've been dancing again. And tonight, I dance with sweet abandon. The physicality is all. My very being craves it. And afterward, I feel replenished, nourished, and full of love.


Head Music

I'm always fascinated by how different my speaking voice sounds on recordings, compared to the way I hear it in my own head. I used to cringe in horror at how unlike me it sounded, but I've seen or heard enough footage of me speaking over the years to have eventually become resigned to the … Continue reading Head Music

Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #1: I don’t do ‘geek’ right

A selection of CDs, part of a larger collection

A couple of months ago, I was indulging in one of my kitchen disco sessions. The husband's preference is to select individual tracks to listen to, whereas I tend to go for full albums (I'll explain why in due course). I had The Clash's London Calling playing whilst cooking. Hubby asked me the name of the … Continue reading Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #1: I don’t do ‘geek’ right