On meltdowns

The other day, someone on Twitter - an autistic person who doesn't experience them - asked me what it feels like to have a meltdown. It’s not a subject I especially like talking about - I’ve attempted to write about it several times on this blog, got frustrated, and given up. This past week, I … Continue reading On meltdowns


And now I draw in colour.

I'm a little sporadic with my blog posts at the moment. Things have been busy. We're approaching Christmas, it's the end of a long and very difficult term at work, the kids are full-on, I'm tired, and whatnot. And the truth is, the past few months have been somewhat dark. That happens sometimes. But something … Continue reading And now I draw in colour.

Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #2: eye to eye?

It was only very recently that it occurred to me: I rarely look people directly in the eyes. Coming from a 36-year-old autistic person, that probably sounds preposterous. Autistic people are known for not making eye contact, aren't we? And surely I'd have noticed such a major behavioural trait in myself? I mean, yes, my … Continue reading Why I “can’t possibly be Autistic”, Reason #2: eye to eye?